Leaving Home

January 2nd is finally here! After 8-1/2 months of anticipation and planning, I drove away from Taos and started my 2019 Fulbright DAT adventure. Of course, I won’t actually arrive in Helsinki and Jyvaskyla until next Tuesday, but I am on my way.

Everyone asks me how I am feeling, and I admit that I have many emotions. Today I feel ready to embrace the new: a new land, new friends, new hobbies, and new learning experiences. My Taos friends gave me a lovely send off, and I will bring them with me in my heart. Next time I am in Taos it will be sunny, dry, and hot. Today was none of those things.

So I have packed, repacked, consolidated my packing, and packed just a few more items. Dinner with my daughter (check) and a good night’s sleep. Adios New Mexico…..

4 thoughts on “Leaving Home

    1. Thank you! And thanks for the Christmas card. I am settling in well. Trying to sort out all of my photos and thoughts in order to post a bit.


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