Eating Berry Soup, Laskiaispulla, and Flies

I’ve lost track of how many weeks I have been in Finland, so here is my “Last Week” video clip – one second everyday. A few highlights: porridge and berry soup for school lunch (the kids just ate the sweet soup), connecting with new schools, organizing a penpal project for a Finland-New Mexico connection, eating Laskiaispulla before Lent, and getting a Shiatsu 15 minute massage in the fancy massage chair in the staff lounge at Kuokkalan Koulu – my neighborhood elementary school. Oh yea! Now there’s an idea to bring back.

Prior to the Arctic Symposium, Fulbright Finland hosted an event where entrepreneurs from the city of Oulu pitched their business ideas in 3 minutes or less. Ari Riihimaa of Entoprot Oy sold his idea of insects-as-protein for humans, and afterwards he graciously offered his Black Soldier Fly taste test. Apparently most people like them (with a little salt), but you can see my reaction here. That makes two foods in Finland that I can’t tolerate: flies and salmiakki (salty black licorice). Not bad considering how many new things I am trying.

A picture (or video) says a thousand words

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